In these pages you will find the path to sustainable harmony of the mind and soul through the revelations of truth and imagined outcomes. Hopefully.

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The intent is often humor which is usually wit in the form of ironic reflection. It is a repetition of lessons learned or missed twisted insights.

Three zebras walk into a bar…

As things happen in the lives of people around us, we observe and form a behavior context. These pages capture the essence of universal truth. Hopefully.

I am aware that the survival of my gene pool depends upon the survival of the planet in partnership with all contributors to our civilization, therefore I must contribute to the benefits of mankind.

When living an agile life, the lessons of retrospection guide the optimization of goal attainment. Live. Look. Learn.

Time passes. Things change.

Time passes. Things change. Take notes.

Time passes. Things change. Almost.

Fear,  like love,  is a natural behavior context. We must identify our best behavior context. Sometimes it may be fear, sometimes perhaps love.

More of the same? Time passing. Things unchanged?

Movement takes courage. Failure is pain. These pages document the lessons of enlightenment which allow us to be assertive and understanding of our humility.

Stay the course of continuing to focus on improving the planet and act with Faith that we can find the way to live on a safe and nurturing planetary ecosystem.

In the context of risk, the least desired choice is the one with the most regrettable outcome. These pages teach how to choose and not to choose by not choosing.

The renovation is on.  But the momentum of continuity is great.

Success is living a lifestyle of sustained and shared joy.

The idea is to support tradespeople, create rural, suburban and metropolitan jobs to improve economic growth and quality of life, while contributing to restoring our beautiful planet in a way that will represent the legacy of a generation. Bam!

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I hope you find the Truth in time.

The characters in these pages are wholly imagined.

It’s not about you.  No, seriously, it’s not about you.