The person who should fairly be the next president might surprise you: Mitt Romney, your destiny is calling.

After studying the Electoral College and potentially justifiable nominees, putting aside political preference, I have come to the conclusion that should an alternate candidate need be selected per the qualification process, the “Fair” right of succession to the presidency falls squarely to Mitt Romney.


  1. an effort should be made to keep the next President a Republican per the Electoral College results.
  2. Hillary Clinton would not be ultimately accepted, and was rejected by many voters, and may fail the Votes of Confirmation.
  3. Mitt Romney has already been selected by the Republican Convention and received a competitive percentage of the vote.
  4. Mitt Romney is on record for attempting to disqualify the candidate earlier.

Therefore, should Donald Trump fail the Votes of Confirmation in the heart of any Elector — Democrat or Republican — for the good of Democracy, the nation and the planetary ecosystem, that your “fairest” rational recourse is to cast your vote for Mitt Romney for President and Mike Pence for Vice President.