Category: Timeline

Water Polo

   Sport entangles the chi.

Winter Holiday Village

    Happiness is bliss when shared in the faith and beauty of a community.


Strength through discipline and precision of form. Often one context offers strength, while another may provide agility. Either is not wrong.

Data Don’t Lie

Truth is always a probability. Data reduces error.

Truth Compass

Truth is a balance of perception and faith. Faith and perception does not make truth.

Stay you

Stay you. Stay true. Be true to the you you would enjoy being true to. When everyone around thinks you are unenjoyable, choose a new you.

There is not one way

There is not one way. What seems right in one moment is not always.

Determination Motivation

Patient, Alert, Determined, Creative,  Forward Looking, Happy, Fun Loving. Aspirations challenge sloth.

A Master Except All Too Often

I strive to be a master of Tai Chi and balance, unless I am disrupted in a moment of weakness, which is all too often. When the breath…

Dragon Stands on One Leg

The dantian rises, the expression of power uplifts, the center remains. When the torso lengthens, the breath pulls both down and up, lengthening the lungs and sustaining the…

Push water to make waves

Without effort there is no motion, without motion there is no life. The breath guides the water, the momentum pulls the dantian. The pull of the flowing water…

Center Chi

Start with the motivation of the dantian. The dantian is the center of the energy of the body, the fluxpoint of the spirit, and the marionette of the…

On Flying Low

In my mind, I can fly, highly unconstrained. Yet. A story often told, often by the old, of the daily essence of motivation despite limitations.

We all start from wu chi (wují)

Stillness is not sadness, depth is not fearful, internal spirit is unbounded. All dance meditations start from a sense of stillness, even if the beginning is outside of…

All beginnings are continuations

To  enjoy life, enjoy the life that you have. There are some days when it all goes just right. Hold that thought.